Treasured Childhood Memories

Welcome!  I'm so glad to make your acquaintance.

You've found my special haunt, a place where go and surround myself with things of my past.  My quiet little haven where the world of today dissolves into the wonders of Yesteryear. 

My 'time capsule' where I can recapture my past, remember who I once was and in most cases, relive through many of the video links.

Here, you'll find a number of categories which will each focus on a certain aspect of my childhood and early adult years. 

I hope that you too will find something that will trigger off a memory as well.  If you look hard enough, you may stumble upon something that you had possibly read, or played with, or listened to, or had upon your wall, or watched, or owned or even consumed. 

This is MY history of times that I can remember, sometimes with fondness.  It’s so important to treasure our memories as they are the libraries of our minds. 

Moments last all for a second, but the memory lives on forever.

Comics & Mags 

I remember enjoying reading funny comics, like 'The Beano' and 'Whizzer and Chips' – they’d take me to somewhere that was fun and colourful.  I didn’t collect these but just spent my pocket money on them.  As an adult, I hardly buy any magazines, but as a child, I’d buy half a dozen in a week!    

Check out my COMICS & MAGS page for more... 




I also liked reading The Gambols – I don’t know what it was about George and Gaye but their lives simply drew me in.  The cartoons were just so easy on the eye.

Check out my GAMBOLS section for more... 


It wasn’t only comics that I read either – I’d have you know that I would visit my local library and frequent the ‘Children’s Section’ and take home several fictional books. 

I tended to warm towards books about school life such as 'Adrian Mole' or the 'Nicholas' books, which were translated from French to English.  These were beautifully drawn and I became very familiar with all the members of the gang!      

Check the BOOKS page to see more like these.


Check the NICHOLAS section to see more like these.

TV & Radio



Then there was TV and which child didn’t love TV?  I used to enjoy watching such shows like 'The Love Boat', 'Dallas' and 'Starsky & Hutch'.  Nowadays I own most of the TV shows I enjoyed as a child on DVD but back in the day the thought of owning every episode of your favourite programme seemed just to good to be true! 

Check out the TV section for intros for more of my favourite shows.   

    I also loved listening to 'Capital Radio' and 'LBC' and remember such DJ's as Michael Aspel, Kenny Everett, Graham Dene, Alan Freeman and Tommy Boyd. 

I can remember the master that was Kenny Everett who was at his best when he was let loose on the 'air'.  Then there was the smooth dulcet tones of Michael Aspel.  Saturday mornings were dedicated to Alan Freeman's 'Pick of the Pops Take Two.'  The weekend line up would end with Tommy Boyd's 'Nightline' and there were times when even I knew the mystery guest.

Check out the RADIO section for radio shows, adverts and jingles.   




    My introduction to music was from my older siblings which I would imagine is the same for most of us.  I think that some of the best music came out of the Seventies. 


I loved the disco vibe and films like 'Saturday Night Fever', and artists like the Bee Gees helped to pour fuel onto my Disco Inferno.  (Click the disco ball to access 'Saturday Night Fever')

The Osmonds were fading in the light of their younger brother Donny and my sister recognised this by increasing her record collection to accommodate his solo albums.  I became a recruit to the ever-growing fan club by jiving to Crazy Horses and when I got to hear The Plan, well it simply blew my socks off.


 For these and much more, check out the MUSIC page where you'll find tons of video clips and album art as well. 


By trawling through my VHS sleeves, you can fool yourself into thinking that you're back in the Eighties and strolling through your local video rental store.  Like a magnet, I would walk (almost hypnotically) into one of my many video haunts, and can remember my wallet being filled with their membership cards.  Once in, I was like a kid in a candy store, (which was usually my NEXT stop!)

For an extensive look and vintage VHS covers (including those dedicated to 'Star Wars' and the 'James Bond' franchises), access the links below:




I was an ‘Action’ movie lover  and my heroes were (and still are), Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone. 

My bedroom walls would have both of them gazing upon this weedy little boy – like Greek gods sitting high and towering over this mere mortal as if they were curious in knowing how he would turn out.

It is a common fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s mother thought her son strange that he had male men plastered over his wall – she even took him to a doctor.  They worked for him, so there’s no harm there! 

Check out my POSTERS page to see just what I had up on my walls. 



Also you will find a whole library full of classic movie posters, some you'll know and some rare ones that you've probably never seen before. 

Check out my MOVIE POSTERS section any enjoy some truly classic movie posters. 


Look here for a great selection of toys and games that I used to play with back when I was growing up. 

You find such classics as ‘Blip’ and ‘Simon’ as well as a load of computer games that I had played with like ‘Atic Atac’ and ‘Jet Set Willy’.


So to trace back your childhood fun, why not start here on my TOYS page where not only will you get to see box art of some well-loved retro Spectrum 48K games, but also get to see clips of the games as well!  




You will find dozens of memorabilia from my past on my 'MISCELS' page, and highlighted below are only a few, such as the sort of stickers that I collected, like the 'Wanted'  and 'Marvel' stickers provided by 'TOPPS' . 

I collected 'Star Wars' bubblegum cards too.  I can also remember 'Bazooka Joe' Bubble Gum where you used to get a mini comic with cool gifts to purchase as well.

Click on each image to be transported to their individual category.


Retro Shopping


For vintage online 'Argos' catalogues dated 1976, 1985 and 1986 look no further.  You can find all types of electronic equipment, jewellery, watches, clocks, kitchen appliances and household items from back in the day.   

Click on the catalogue image and decide which of the three catalogues you want to peruse online.



Here you'll find some of the computers I worked with.  You'll see the first IBM PC and the Compaq Deskpro 386.  You'll also see the classic Sinclair Spectrum as well. 

Check these and others on my COMPUTER section.  


Audio Equipment

I have tried to find all of the audio equipment I remember having, (or others having) in my early years.  Perhaps you too had the same equipment and love to see them once more.   

Check out my tape decks, walkmans and numerous hi-fi equipment on my AUDIO section.


Visual Equipment


Were you a BETAMAX or a VHS user?  I remember that BETAMAX was better for picture quality and control, but if you wanted an exhaustive choice of VHS rentals then you had to opt for VHS.

On my VIDEO section you'll see the VHS machines I remembered having around in my life, and also the DVD players that I first owned.  There much more there too!


Mobile Phones

Like so many others, we have had many different mobiles phones and I thought it was important to dedicate a section to the ones that I had.   

So check out my old and new mobile phones on my PHONES section.


So please check out the whole site and let me know what you thought.  Tell me if you like my website, and let me know if I managed to jog a memory from your own childhood. 

Thanks for visiting and do come again and check the 'What's New' page for the latest additions.



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